Mention MeantStreets to any Omaha social media user and you’ll get a nod of recognition. This snarky Twitter account is a collection of anonymous patrons tweeting what they hear on Omaha police scanners. Working closely with police to handle sensitive matters, their humor helps diffuse public stress over any major situation. When MeanStreets came to me about a new identity, I wanted to make sure we kept their very recognizable profile picture of 2 police cruisers while giving it a fresh new update. I used the pixelated profile picture to design a crisp and friendly illustration with a simple logo.

The Glitchfox logo is the first in a series of Twitch branding efforts to help bring a professional look to various streaming accounts. Streamers put in so much effort to build a strong following. What better way to boost those numbers than to add a visually appealing touch to the digital identity?


FHA Architects is a local architecture firm that works with major food chains such as Chipotle and Krispy Kreme. The firm has been running for over 30 years, and the owners felt it was time to take a fresh look at the brand. I was recruited to discuss the current brand and the direction of the company’s future. We decided a rebrand was the right move for FHA. The goal of this rebrand was to attract new employees, bring life to an outdated design, and give a timeless look that will last for years to come. The new logo was to include a possible logo mark to be used on architecture schematics and other material. The designs below are the concepts from hours of discussion, research, and design.

The first concept is bold and modern to attract new employees and keep a classic timeless look. With sharp angles and contrasting color, the branded pieces really give a feel for the geometric shapes of architecture. The logo uses a box structure to house FHA while Architects is breaking through as the last piece holding everything together. Taking away the Architecture piece of the logo, the box and FHA can be used to represent the firm on schematics.

The second concept uses a classic blue as the main color with gold accents to draw eyes to the logo. Using a single main color keeps print cost low and makes for a clean design. The logo has two cube shapes within the H to show an abstract building structure, giving a nice visual of what the company does without being too obvious. The two cubes or the entire FHA line could easily be used as a logo mark on architecture schematics.

The final concept uses one color with cream accent paper for a vintage but modern look. Teal is a color that stays in tune with modern trends, and pairs well with the business of food without seeming too specific. The circles give excitement to the brand, making pieces really stand apart from other branded materials of competitors. Circles also represent good management structure within the company for new employees. The logo puts FHA into a circle split by the H. The elongated ascenders of the H created a lightning bolt shape that brings power to the logo. The circle makes for a good stamp like mark able to hold well on it’s own.


Sylvia’s practice works with immigration law, primarily focused on Mexican Americans.  We wanted a subtle undertone of the rich Mexican heritage while appealing to immigrants of any background. I chose to represent the golden eagle, Mexico’s national symbol, in combination with Sylvia’s initials. The colors gold and deep gray were chosen to emphasize the golden eagle while giving the business a look of stature.

After coming to a decision on a final logo, I designed a business card, stationary, and envelope design to complete the brand. I wanted these to capture the professional and luxe feel of a law firm, so I kept it simple with touches of gold. The business card is made to be printed with gold thermography and a dark gray matte print on smooth Cougar card stock.