From Now On is a mobile app development company focused on enhancing fan engagement for college and high school athletic programs, bowl game tournaments, and competitive championships through the FanX app. The team at From Now On worked closely with clients to assess business needs and research into the target market gave insight into user interaction. FanX offers unique features such as live game stats, push notification promotions, and custom GPS maps of arena and stadium grounds.

I was involved with developing concepts and features to boost fan engagement which allowed me to build an in-depth understanding of the mobile app experience.  There was a delicate balance of timeline and business considerations in our decision making. Working with the athletic market meant thoughtful planning of the most important new features and app updates. I worked closely with the lead UX/UI designer to automate the process of asset creation for all teams. Creating a more efficient workflow gave each team more time to focus their efforts on improvements to the product.

From Now On offers a portal dashboard for easy access to app updates. The portal gave clients the ability to keep users up-to-date with the latest promotions and game details. Working with the senior UX/UI designer and the client support team, I used iterative design methods to hone concepts and efficiently present our vision in the form of wireframes. I utilized detailed specifications of concepts to give developers the right information to bring that vision to life. This process was highly collaborative, so the entire team could provide important perspective between the client, the design, the development, and the user.

Asset creation and management were important to keep an efficient workflow and maintain consistency across all apps. Each custom app starts with the same FanX framework. From there, we facilitated the creation of content and assets that are unique to each app while keeping in line with the product. To manage this successfully, we devised various ways to manipulate Adobe asset export functionality that took down our app branding and build time from a few days to a few hours. The time saved creating new apps reduced cost and provided more value for the client.