FanX White Label App

From Now On is a mobile experience platform focused on enhancing fan engagement for athletic programs, tournaments, and competitive championships. The FanX white label app offers unique features such as game stats in real time, push notification strategy, in-app GPS with custom map markers, and a CMS portal for easy app maintenance.

I was involved with concepting new features to boost engagement – which allowed me to build an in-depth understanding of the user experience.  There was a delicate balance of considerations between B2B business needs and the end user. I worked closely with the lead designer to automate the process of asset creation for all products. Creating a more efficient workflow gave us more time to focus on product improvements.

From Now On offers a CMS portal for easy updates to app content. The portal helps users stay up-to-date with the latest promotions and game details. Working with the Senior Designer and the Client Support team, I used iterative design to hone concepts and present high fidelity wireframes. I used detailed documentation to give our engineers information needed to bring that vision to life. This process was highly collaborative so the entire team could provide perspective between the client, the design, the development, and the user.

Asset management was important to keeping an efficient workflow and maintaining consistency across all apps. Each white label app starts with the same blank FanX framework. From there we facilitated the strategy, content creation, and design standards unique to each app. To manage this successfully, we found ways to program an easily customizable the design system. That system took down our app design and build time from a few days to a few hours. The time saved reduced cost immensely and provided more value for the client.