Hayneedle Holiday Experience

I was presented with an opportunity to design several holiday pages for Hayneedle, the home décor ecommerce store. This took a big marketing push for home décor and furniture selected by our buying team, an in-depth look into user interaction with the target market, and direction for photography. I volunteered to join the 2016 holiday planning committee to make this vision come to life.

The interactive design team provided wireframes, documentation, and high fidelity designs. We collaborated with the visual design team to curate mood boards to solidify the aesthetic vision of brand and product. These elements were used to get buy in from senior leadership to move forward. Once approved, we established a detailed timeline for deliverables. The timing was incredibly important to stay ahead in a competitive market.

I partnered with the UX team to facilitate on-site user testing of my high fidelity designs. We gathered valuable insights into the functionality and visual direction of the Holiday Experience. Once we analyzed the data and corrected course, the UX and front-end teams got to work producing the real deal. Detailed documentation was provided for the photography studio capture perfectly styled photos for each asset on the holiday experience. I went to the in-house photography studio to help style holiday sets and direct shots used for the marketing pieces and digital holiday experience. A final round of testing was organized by UX to find and remove any bugs.

This project was took an immensely collaborative cross functional team to be successful. We changed the course of holiday traffic on Hayneedle.com with a better user experience. The project was so successful, the holiday experience portal is still being used today.

Brand Guide

Collaborated with product, copy, and marketing to design a brand guide. We had a look and feel established, but there was no documentation to help with onboarding. This caused projects to bottleneck when designers worked from outdated files. I took initiative in documenting brand guidelines and pushing for a new system of file organization.

Print Marketing

Hayneedle partnered with several magazines such as Elle Decor, HGTV, Martha Stewart Living, and Southern Living. The home furnishing and decor company sourced these publications for inserts and advertorials featuring Hayneedle bloggers. Each piece was carefully crafted with the target market of each magazine in mind. Copy was tailored to fit the mood and imagery was custom made at the in-house Hayneedle photography studio.

Email Marketing

Every month Hayneedle released an email that was fully designed by the creative team. The daily emails are usually coded with existing modules, but the designed emails were a way to create a fresh user experience. My approach was hierarchy and eye catching imagery to draw the user further into the email.