The Sofa infographic accompanied a buying guide on different sofa styles, textile, and build. Hayneedle began testing the waters in selling more house brand sofas from the product development line. In doing so, there was a need to bring more solid information to buyers to ease the fear of purchasing large home furnishing items online.

The Holiday Table-Setting Guide accompanied a buying guide on dinnerware. It was a fun way to show consumers how tableware can be used in different social situations.

Table Setting

Over the summer, the Hayneedle team designed a series of infographics for the company’s top selling outdoor games. Ladder Golf, or Ladder Ball, is one of the more popular backyard games sold online. I worked closely with copy to weave the graphic and game rules together in a way that makes learning how to play easy. I was inspired by the classic golf look to give a sort of nostalgic but fun feel.

Live Infographic


The Perfect Pairings infographic was made to accompany a guide on finding the right plant to grow on popular upright garden structures. With guidance from copy and a specialist in garden greenery and structures, I was able to give life to information on different plant life for the viewer to envision.

Live Infographic