NEJS Conf. is a single day, single track conference dedicated to web development and JavaScript. Speakers from across the country are invited to share wisdom, inspire innovation, and spark conversation. The 2017 event was held at the historic Scottish Rite Cathedral in downtown Omaha, NE. With the old and mysterious venue, the NEJS committee chose a theme of wizardry.

The branding changes every year with only the general yellow color scheme and font keeping consistent. I tweaked the color slightly to more closely represent the classic shade of JS yellow while keeping a bright and modern look. Paired with black, the brand got a mature makeover to match the growing success and refinement of NEJS. The web design utilizes white space with bursts of yellow and contrasting black. The layout is formatted for minimal information that captures the user’s attention, and provides a clear hierarchy of information.

A dark t-shirt fabric was chosen for a nice contrast with the white name badges and a neutral color for the wide range of attendees. The Snapchat filter follows a similar feel to the shirt design, with white type to better standout in dim lighting at the venue. Keeping the filter minimal gave more room to show the fun atmosphere of wizard decor adorning the stunning Scottish Rite Cathedral.

Vinyl banners stood at strategic entry points to help attendees and speakers with the schedule, display sponsor information, and mark important areas of the conference. Each banner came with different information depending on location within the venue. Poster sized signage was used guide visitors through the large venue, and mark important areas for disabled attendees and nursing mothers. All visuals are yellow on white to be eye catching, but subtle enough that the prominent information displayed in black is easily accessible.