Art + Activism

The organization Civic Nebraska held an event to raise awareness for voter rights in the United States. Several local designers donated their time to create poster designs around the topic that would be sold at the event. Profit from each poster would be donated to the organization in helping efforts to help end harmful voting laws.

I chose the specific issue of felon disenfranchisement as the main theme for my design. I truly believe we are doing a disservice to this country in barring a large portion of our citizens from their legal right to vote. I wanted this poster to portray strong emotion and a sense of action in the viewer. The eagle was used to symbolize the Untied States Justice System, with the bird holding a key to freedom. The breaking of handcuffs is symbolic of breaking the chains that hold felons from voting on issues that may be very impactful on their lives. The use of ochre yellow on red-hot paper gave a nice contrast with a strong sense of power. The traditional red, white, and blue combination wasn’t enough to invoke the right emotional response to this topic.

The design crew for Nebraska Appleseed asked for a screen print ready poster design for the annual poster show. Nebraska Appleseed is a nonprofit that fights for justice and opportunity for all Nebraskans, and profits from the poster show are donated to the cause.

Each designer was given a different topic as inspiration for the poster. I was given a theme of “Welcoming and inclusive communities for people of all backgrounds.” I chose to take this in a direction that really resonates with my own experiences and morals. To make the poster visually appealing, I wanted to capture a feeling of comfort and style. With a strict 2-3 color parameter, I chose a palette that would invoke a sense of nostalgia while fitting nicely with any modern home. My design can be summarized by the quote: : “Real peace starts with education.” Several of the books listed are dear to my heart and have a rich background in modern world history. Books can shape minds and change the world. With better understanding of ourselves and each other, we can bring different cultures together in peace.


1% Productions

I had the opportunity to work with One Percent Productions, a music booking agency, to design gig posters for upcoming concerts in Omaha. I was given dimensions, and a few lines of copy outlining details of the event. My posters were designed to capture the essence of the band being represented while adding in my own flair. The Envy Corps has a dark but playful sound and Damien Jurado has more of an electric indie feel. For Damien Jurado, I took inspiration from the music video ‘Silver Timothy’ which has a sort of colorful western vibe. Since this was my second poster I tried to push the envelope a little with my design. The poster was digitally printed so I had the availability to play with colors and textures.